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Divine Motherhood Services

Womb Wellness and Support through Pregnancy, Postpartum and Beyond

Divine Motherhood is honored to serve you and your family during this transformative time.   Through holistic support receive care that is individualized, compassionate, rooted in traditional knowledge and wisdom to help in all stages of womb care and motherhood.

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My Story

How I Got Here

My journey began with the birth of my daughter and the rebirth of myself. Life hadn't truly prepared me for the challenges I would face after having my baby. I found myself lost in postpartum and motherhood. I craved connection, I longed for community. I immersed myself in motherhood support groups and that is where I began to truly find what life was calling me to do. I dove into this world and I felt the remembrance of this sacred work running through my veins. My soul was answering a call I could feel and hear loudly. A fire within me began, my purpose, my passion. I am here to honor your journey through the sacred postpartum and divine womb wellness. To create a safe space for the healing of the mind, body and soul of the divine feminine.  I am not here to heal you, but offer my guidance and support throughout your healing journey.  I offer my services through birth, postpartum and beyond and use my knowledge of traditional medicine and the wisdom gained of years of motherhood to assist you and the unfolding of your story. I am here to serve the Inland Empire community with holistic support, grounded in traditional knowledge. Virtual services are also available.  Please email me for more information. Thank you for listening to my story

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Postpartum Care centered in traditional healing modalities for the overall wellness of the new mother

Using the traditional wisdom of La Cuarentena, we create a specific plan for you and your family to honor this sacred time.  Teas, herbal baths, and belly binding are a few of the traditional postpartum services offered.

Innate Postpartum Care Classes

Informative and Compassionate. Take time to plan for the sacred postpartum journey

Let's discuss your plan for your postpartum care and what that can look like for each individual in the family. Learn why it is important to plan for the fourth trimester. Coming soon!

Vaginal Steam Sessions and Herb Blends

Relaxing and Rejuvenating
Supporting your womb cycles

A relaxing treatment for your yoni/vagina. Used to treat a wide range of ailments. A wonderful postpartum treatment to support the healing process

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I am here to serve the birthing of a new humanity and honor the journey through the sacred postpartum.

Evelyn Diaz

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Ontario, CA 91761, USA

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